3 Reasons to run annual MVRs

Driver Reports

Insurance companies recommend that these searches be run annually, and it is highly recommended for HR due diligence reasons. There is even a company, CompuFACT, who is willing to enter them for you if you were to send them a spreadsheet.

It is important to be informed, otherwise your company could suffer negative consequences. Let us inform you about the Top 3 Reasons to Run MVRs:

Driver Reports

1. Ensure a Valid License
Often, employees do not tell their employers that they temporarily lost their license for fear of negative impact, such as termination. Approximately 2% of your work staff will have their license suspended every year. That is while it is crucial to have annual checks run to ensure that your employee, who you are sending out onto the road, has a valid license.

2. Legal Expenses $$$
Save your company from frustration, paperwork, and high court fees by running your MVRs annually. It is simply required. Motor Vehicle Reports run at least once a year are your best way to eliminate costly legal issues arising from fatal accidents involving unlicensed motorists. Do not be found negligent!

3. Beyond “Drivers”
Suppose you sent your office assistant to pick up company lunch. Suppose he or she dutifully obeyed without informing you of their record, or even their lack of a license. Obviously, employers need to keep up with the latest developments in employees who drive company vehicles regularly, but it is not so obvious that you are held responsible for the “occasional drivers” as well.

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