CompuFACT provides background checks from everywhere across the globe. Whether you are looking for county, state, national, or international criminal records, your needs are met with accuracy and speed. You can make hiring decisions with less waiting time and with complete confidence in the accuracy of your results.

Criminal Records

These records are real-time, “live”, results that are gathered from our network of over 3,000 courthouses throughout the United States.

Driving Records

Our DMV database delivers driving records instantly. No waiting periods, just results!

Social Security Checks

There are many different SSN Report types that are available. ALL of our reports are 100% FCRA compliant and legal, let us help you today!

Healthcare Reports

The Healthcare Industry requires specialized reports that reach far beyond standard criminal searches. We provide reports other background checks companies do not offer, let us help!


We take the extra steps to assure the most in-depth results on Employment Verifications, Reference Checks, Education Confirmations, and more.

Other Background Checks

We offer an enormous selection of background check services to choose from. Simply stated, if it is a public record, we provide it.